Investigative Reporting


Soccer Stadium Investigation

A Courant investigation into city spending on a project to upgrade an ailing stadium and bring professional soccer to Hartford uncovered multiple layers of wrongdoing and led to federal indictments.


"Would-Be Developer Of Hartford Soccer Stadium Has Record Of Embezzlement, Lawsuits" [Link] [PDF]

"Criminal Investigation Opened In Soccer Stadium Financing" [Link] [PDF]

"Hartford Development Director Linked To Stadium Issue Resigns" [Link] [PDF]

"Federal Grand Jury Convening In Stadium Debacle; Subpoena Issued To City" [Link] [PDF]

"$700,000 Payment For Roof Work Latest Question In Hartford Stadium Debacle" [Link] [PDF]

"Arena Soccer League Drops Hartford Team Over Concerns About Federal Investigation" [Link] [PDF]

"For Hartford's Would-Be Pro Soccer Players: No Paychecks, Uncertain Futures" [Link] [PDF]

"Records: Stadium Developers Paid Themselves Hundreds Of Thousands As Bills Went Unpaid" [Link] [PDF]

"City Acknowledges Dillon Stadium Roof Bills Shouldn't Have Been Paid" [Link] [PDF]

"Would-Be Dillon Stadium Developers Indicted" [Link] [PDF]

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hartford nonprofit investigation

The director of a Hartford nonprofit admitted in an interview with The Courant that she used company funds for personal use, triggering a probe by the state attorney general's office.


"Hartford Community Group Might Fold; Director Admits Using Money For Personal Expenses" [Link] [PDF]

"Attorney General To Investigate Hartford Community Group" [Link] [PDF]

"HART Executive Director Resigns" [Link] [PDF]


election Exposé

On Election Day in November 2014, frustration set in around Hartford as several polling places failed to open on time. Some people had to wait more than an hour, and others left without voting. A judge ordered that two polling places remain open for an extra half-hour that day. The Courant examined – and uncovered – what led to problems at the polls.


"Anatomy Of A Flawed Election" [Link] [PDF]

"Hartford Registrar Cites Multiple Problems Leading To Election Day" [Link] [PDF]

"After Election Debacle, Future Of Registrars Debated" [Link] [PDF]


hartford insurance investigation

The spotlight turned on city hall after The Courant revealed that Hartford's treasurer had questionable ties to a local insurance broker. After numerous stories, the broker was indicted on federal fraud charges and is now serving a six-year prison term.


"Insurance Executive Also Faces Probe Over Restaurant Wages" [Link] [PDF]

"Feds Subpoena Hartford's Records In Insurance Controversy" [Link] [PDF]

"Records: Cloud Discouraged Review Of Policy Brokered By Hybrid" [Link] [PDF]

"States Pull O'Garro's Insurance Licenses" [Link] [PDF]

"Documents: O'Garro Was Late On Payments Before State OK'd Second Loan" [Link] [PDF]

"Hartford Insurer Earl O'Garro Charged With Insurance Fraud" [Link] [PDF]

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Analysis & Enterprise


How a young, political upstart defeated a seasoned incumbent to become Hartford's mayor. "How Luke Bronin Captured The Primary" [Link] [PDF]

Amid a fiscal crisis, Hartford leaders said they're doing everything they can to limit spending. But a review by The Courant found that policies still exist allowing workers to accrue considerable sick and vacation time, leading to massive payouts. "Hartford Has Paid Millions of Dollars For Unused Sick And Vacation Time" [Link] [PDF]

Analysis of campaign contributions in Hartford's 2015 mayoral race. "Bronin Leads Segarra In Fundraising With National Coalition Of Donors" [Link] [PDF]



Features & Profiles


Profile of Hartford's new mayor, a Rhodes Scholar who raised more than $1 million in his first bid for elected office. "Mayor Luke Bronin Risking His Fortunes In Crucible Of Hartford Politics" [Link] [PDF]

For The Courant's 250th anniversary, the staff examined key trends throughout the paper's history and commemorated important events. This story examines the gang wars in Hartford that raged through the 1990s. "20 Years Ago, Shooting Death Drove City's War On Gang Violence" [Link] [PDF]

Profile of a Hartford muralist. "Colors of Hope; Artist Says Her Murals Can Help Brush Away Crime" [PDF] [Link no longer available]


Spot news


Publicly Funded Baseball stadium

The Courant broke the story of Hartford's plan to build a $60 million, taxpayer-funded baseball stadium and lure a team from a neighboring town.


"Rock Cats In Talks To Move From New Britain To Hartford" [Link] [PDF]

"Hartford Plans $60 Million Stadium; Rock Cats Owner Says 'Opportunity Couldn't Pass Up'" [Link] [PDF]

Interactive Timeline of Baseball Stadium Deal [Link]