Soccer Stadium Investigation


An investigation into the financial mismanagement and theft of funds in a Hartford soccer stadium project led to federal indictments and prison terms for the developers in charge.

"Would-Be Developer Of Hartford Soccer Stadium Has Record Of Embezzlement, Lawsuits" [Link] [PDF]

"Criminal Investigation Opened In Soccer Stadium Financing" [Link] [PDF]

"Hartford Development Director Linked To Stadium Issue Resigns" [Link] [PDF]

"Federal Grand Jury Convening In Stadium Debacle; Subpoena Issued To City" [Link] [PDF]

"$700,000 Payment For Roof Work Latest Question In Hartford Stadium Debacle" [Link] [PDF]

"Arena Soccer League Drops Hartford Team Over Concerns About Federal Investigation" [Link] [PDF]

"For Hartford's Would-Be Pro Soccer Players: No Paychecks, Uncertain Futures" [Link] [PDF]

"Records: Stadium Developers Paid Themselves Hundreds Of Thousands As Bills Went Unpaid" [Link] [PDF]

"Would-Be Dillon Stadium Developers Indicted" [Link] [PDF]

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Analysis & Enterprise


"Hartford Has Paid Millions of Dollars For Unused Sick And Vacation Time" [Link] [PDF]

"New Debate Stirs Over Hartford's Residency Requirement" [Link] [PDF]/with interactive timeline [Link]

 "How Luke Bronin Captured The Primary" [Link] [PDF]

"Mayor Luke Bronin Risking His Fortunes In Crucible Of Hartford Politics" [Link] [PDF]

"20 Years Ago, Shooting Death Drove City's War On Gang Violence" (part of The Hartford Courant's 250th anniversary retrospective) [Link] [PDF]



other investigative stories


"Hartford Community Group Might Fold; Director Admits Using Money For Personal Expenses" [Link] [PDF]

"Attorney General To Investigate Hartford Community Group" [Link] [PDF]

"Anatomy Of A Flawed Election" [Link] [PDF]